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Braham Putra Market- A Foodie’s Paradise

Karan Dewan
February 8, 2015

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Situated away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, located in  Sector 29, Noida, Bharam Putra Market can easily be termed as a foodie’s paradise. A two minute ride from Botanical Garden Metro Station, Bharam Putra Market is home to several kinds of street food joints offering food to college students who stay away from their home.

During the day time, the market is dead with a few grocery stores and ATM. As the evening approaches, the market is covered by vendors preparing for evening sales and we can easily spot students.


We covered a few food joints for you and believe us, Braham Putra market has a LOT more to offer the hungry buds.

Agra Chaat Bhandar

A perfect snack to eat when you have been on a hunger mission, Agra Chaat Bhandar offers Gol Gappe, Chaat, Aloo Tikki.

agra chat bhandar

The outlet can be easily spotted, surrounded with people waiting for their turn for Gol Gappa. StreetBite’s Recommendation: Try Dahi Puchka.


Balle Balle Shawarma

Centrally located in Braham Putra Market, Balle Balle Shawarma is a perfect outlet for all college and office goers. They serve Shawarma, a flat bread filled with shredded chicken along with mayonnaise dip.

balle balle shawarma

Shawarma is amongst the hottest street food so non vegetarians make sure you give it a try, Vegetarians will definitely give it a miss.


Uncle Ji Shawarma

They too serve Shawarma (also known as Doner’s Kabab in some countries).

uncle ji shawarma 2


Chanda Momos

Momos, native to Nepal and Tibet, is steamed dumpling filled with chicken or vegetables and served with red chilly sauce. Momos is a quick snack to fill up your hunger pains. Do try at Chanda Momos.

chanda momos


Zaika Biryani and Nihari

Want to give yourself a royal treat, eat Biryani. Zaika Biryani and Nihari sells biryani and other mughlai dishes to fill your hunger gaps. The serve chicken rolls, mutton rolls, Nihari etc. A non vegetarian’s paradise, they are conveniently located in Braham Putra Market.

zaika biryani and kathi roll

Care about Cholesterol, stay 100 miles away..

Make it a point to visit Braham Putra Market in late evening, otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

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