Hangout place ” Momo’s Point” Situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University

Pankaj Manchanda
April 12, 2015

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Famous Hangout Place for youngster “Momo’s Point” which is  located in the inner lanes of Kamla Nagar  Situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University famous for its Chinese platter -noodles, momos with Manchurian & honey chilly potatoes with mint mojito . Huge Rush and waiting lane and seems to  surprised to see a good eating joint serving an optimum quantity and  just mind blowing taste of platter specially Honey Chilly Potatoes.

Honey Chilly Potatoes -StreetBite

Momo’s point is  small outlet but fine as per the location &  humble eatery which is in every students itinerary. Momo in red gravy- these were the highlight for me. Steamed momos in a delicious spicy red sauce made of onions,tomato and chillies. Superb and highly recommended. A lemonade to go with the delicious momos was enough for me to satisfy a hunger pangs :)

Momos Spicy Red Sauce - StreetBite: Momos Point

Though much attention is not been given to the ambience but who cares as long as there is good food. After a Good honey chilly potatoes and fried momos. Chilly chutney is too hot to handle, just the way I like you must try with their fruit beer. Chinese Noodles delicious and great bowl served with red sauce and chilly chutney  with sliced and rolling to eat but little bite oily but good in taste.

noodels-momos pint-kamla nagar-streetbite

“Spring Rolls “A common and a delicious dish from the streets of China at Momo’s point is totally different stuffing with pepper powder and spring onions served with feel of soy sauce and again  chilly chutney .Its crunchy, delicious taste is what makes it a huge hit.

spring rolls-momos point-kamla nagar- streetbite

A very common in Chinese plater is Streamed Momo’s at Momo’s Point that  keep the vegetable filling balanced in taste and lightly spiced, so that it accompanies the spicy & hot sauce very well .

streamed momos-momos point-kamla nagar-streetbite

Overall the quality of food is commendable with reasonable price But it is a little different from  others  menu served with crispy , tandoori, streamed unique named of items as LollyPop Chicken,Juicey Chicken Sticks and Pad Pad gai, Kimchi Salad, Gado Gado etc.Hygiene food and maintained  sitting with loud Music and food tasted awesome .Its definitely deserves a visit if in kamla nagar.

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