This is what it looks like !! :p

Rolls King : where you forget to share !!

Anukriti Singh
February 23, 2015

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A single bite of it and it satisfies all your taste buds as if you are just living your day for this mouth watering, delicious and buttery rolls . And what to say when it is directly getting served from the one and only Rolls King,  j-03, near GIP foot-over Bridge.
Rolls King gives you a huge variety of rolls whether it is veg or non-veg, they make everything so perfect that you can not stay away from eating these rolls for long.

This is what it looks like !! :p

Rolls King is very famous for its mutton seekh kebab single roll and chicken roll single and why not ? As when these are served all the ingredients used in it complements each other and when you take a bite of it, you probably be on the cloud 9 as no one serves better than the rolls king itself.

Can you say no to this?

Money will never be an issue in this case as it is serving you the best quality and healthy food and it is very filling for those who doesn’t have time to cook at home and are doing jobs or studying. All you can see in the gentry are kind of people who wants healthy and filling food as it satisfies your hunger any time you need and the best thing other than the taste is the way it is being served with chopped onions and two wraps of tissues around it with the rolls king name printed on it which looks very appealing and it does not let anything fall from the roll while you are eating it. And you can even eat it while walking or while studying your best novel and it is a very nice place for those who wants to impress someone, just offer the roll and see the magic .

Can you share?

But you know everything have two sides… up till now i was telling you the best things about it, now read the major drawback about it !! And that is “sharing” yes my friends sharing is good but after eating a roll from rolls king you are surely going to forget about the same . I don’t know whether it is a good thing or bad but as a student when I used to come here to eat my favorite chicken rolls I never have liked to share and today as an employee and as a mature person, I still don’t share it. Because one roll and one bite makes all the difference so just go and try it and tell me your experience and I am sure you would say the same.

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